Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Can I Stain My Hardwood Floors White?

Yes, you can stain your hardwood floor's white. The whiteness will depend on the species of wood. But not all woods are created equal. Natural tones will mix in with the white stain. There is no wood the will give you a clear white color without bleaching.

White Bleach Wood Floors Refinishing

If you have a red oak wood flooring, the pink will show through with the white stain. If you have white oak the browns and yellow will show through the stain. If you want a true white, you will have to bleach the floors.

Bleaching it a long process and will significantly raise the price of your hardwood floor refinishing project. A lot of the time the natural tones mixing in with the white looks nice and doesn't bother the customer. Samples as always is best.

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