Saturday, February 16, 2013

202 On East 77th, NYC


Sandless Hard Wood Floor Refinishing

Found on the second floor of a two story townhouse, 202 East on 77th has been providing a classy event space for nearly 30 years. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of everything from weddings to bar mitzvahs had begun to show on their hardwood floors. Dirt and grime can be seen embedded in the floor and the polyurethane has started to break down.


Sandless Hard Wood Floor Refinishing

Sandless Finish was able to completely clean and sanitize the floor in one day - which is important for such a busy space. A high grade commercial polyurethane was then used to seal and protect the floors. The client was very pleased with our work and now 202 East 77th has beautiful hardwood flooring to match with the rest of their decor!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Residential Home - Staten Island, NY


Kitchen Table Refinishing, NY

Sandless Finish now does furniture too! This kitchen table was worn down from age and continuous use. Parts of the polyurethane had broken down completely, leaving the wood colorless and dull.

Furniture Refinishing, NY

White areas in this photo show where the polyurethane completely broke down and left the wood exposed.


Furniture Refinishing, NYC

The Sandless Finish process was performed on the table. Then, our Sandless Finish specialists were able to create a custom color to blend the damaged areas in with the rest of the table. A fresh coat of polyurethane gives the wood a beautiful shine and will protect it from damage for many years to come!
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