Monday, March 25, 2013

Residential Home - Upper NY, NYC 2020 What To Know Wood Floor Refinishing Repair.

Tape Damage - Before:
Parquet Floor Repair - NYC

This customer needed their hardwood parquet floors refinished due to mistreatment by the previous tenants. The above image shows a tape mark. Tape should never be placed on hardwood no matter what the grade. The glue from the tape broke down the polyurethane, stripping the floor of it's color and leaving it exposed.

Tape Damage - After:
Parquet Floor Repair - NYC

After the tape residue was removed, the dirt and grime was extracted using our Wood Vitalize process. Using a custom blending process our color specialists were able to stain and blend the mark seamlessly with the rest of the floor.

Color Blending - Before/After Comparison:
Parquet Floor Repair - NYC

In another area of the floor, dirt and grime was embedded in the hardwood which caused severe discoloring and fading. The hardwood parquet squares in the upper part of the image have been cleaned, stained, and blended by our color specialists. The difference between the finished and unfinished wood is readily apparent.

Color Blending - After:
Parquet Floor Repair - NYC

This shot shows the damaged area after the cleaning and custom stain blending is completed. As you can see, the color is restored and the area now blends perfectly with the rest of the floor!

Custom Border Repair - Before:
Custom Floor Repair - NYC

We specialize in custom repairs and patterned borders. Over time, pieces of this antique border came loose and were misplaced by the previous owners.

Custom Border Repair - After:
Custom Floor Repair - NYC

Our Wood Vitalize specialists were able to custom-cut the pieces to match the missing pattern. They then used our blending technique to match the colors of the existing border.  The result is a seamless match that the customer is very pleased with!

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