Sunday, February 23, 2014

Apartment Upper - West Side, NYC, NY

This customer was moving into a new apartment and  wanted the hardwood floors stained and refinished. A previous contractor had sanded the floor inefficiently, leaving patches of polyurethane and machine marks behind.

This room needed to be refinished as well. In order for the hardwood floor to be properly stained and refinished all of the pre-existing polyurethane needed to be removed. The marks from the machines also needed to be completely smoothed out.

This bedroom displayed the same problems as the rest of the hardwood floors.

This close-up of a section of hardwood flooring shows the machine marks left behind by the previous sanding job. Parquet floors absolutely can not be refinished in the same manner as regular plank wood flooring. Our Sandless Finish Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists are trained experts in the sanding process.

As you can see in this photo the machine marks and residual polyurethane were completely removed!Our trained hardwood floor refinishing specialists used special techniques to insure a smooth finish was achieved in order for the floor to be properly stained and refinished. The floor was now ready to be stained and refinished.

Sandless Finish is proud to offer our customer's the option of using the Rubio Monocoat System. This system is completely eco-friendly and has a 0% VOC (volatile organic compounds) rating. Rubio Monocoat adheres to the microns of the wood by molecular bonding and only requires a single layer in order to deeply color and protect the floor.

Our Sandless Finish Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists are highly trained in using the Rubio Monocoat System. The parquet floors now exhibit a beautiful color and commercial grade finish!

A view of the bedroom. The customer was very happy with their expertly refinished hardwood floors and could not wait to move into their new apartment!

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