Thursday, January 30, 2020

How Do I Stain My Hardwood Floors? 

Oil Based Stain

You can you oil based stain on your hardwood floors. This is applied with an stain applicator. The wood floors have to be sanded to 100 grit. Start at a low grit of sanding paper and work your way up to 100 grit. Just do not jump up more than to grit grades at a time. A good grit to start is 40 grit followed by 60 grit, 80, and 100 grit. Use a drum sander and edger on all grits. Use the drum sander first than use the edger last. 

After the hardwood floors have been sanded with all your grits, buff the floors with a screen. Vacuum up the floors and use a tack cloth to wipe off fine dust. Than you floors are ready to be water popped.  Water popping is when you use a mop and apply water to the hardwood floors to open up the grains. Just soak the floors and do not leave puddles.

Staining Hardwood Floors In NY

Finally. the stain is ready to be applied. Use a fast drying oil based stain. A bucket, cotton towels, applicator, latex gloves. and a mixing stick. Mix the stain ever five minutes with a paint stick, apply with the applicator in the direction of the wood boards, let the stain dry for 3 minutes, and wipe off in the direction of the wood boards.

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