Monday, January 20, 2020

How Many Days Do I Have To Let The Polyurethane Cure?

You must follow the manufacturers instructions as each polyurethane is different. The 2 key things you need to know when refinishing your floors is: The Cure Time and Walking Time. 

Cure Time

Cure time is when the floors has completed "cured" all the way through. You can still walk on the floors and place back furniture. You just have to wear socks and be careful not to drag anything as the floors can get scuffed. Most of the time people walk on the floors before they are completely cured as they dont have to move into their home.

Walking Time

Is the time you can walk on the floors as mentioned above. The polyurethane has not completely cured but the product states you can still walk on the floors in "light traffic" Again, you can walk on the floors and place back furniture (usually 24hrs) and it is not a problem. Just check the polyurethane specs to go with their recommendations. They have polyurethanes out now that are completely cured in 24hrs if you are really concerned about the durability.

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