Tuesday, January 7, 2020

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors In New York, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx,
Staten Island, and Westchester County in 2020?

Hardwood floor refinishing cost will depend on the exact conditions of your hardwood floors. Most professional floor craftsman will need to see the floors before giving a price. This way they don't give you one price and than give you a significantly higher price after they are in your home or begin working.

The pricing will depend on the current stains, polyurethanes, waxes, or any other material that is on the floors. Some of these materials can take longer to sand off than others. Different machines and product amounts are used for different scenarios. Not all floors are the same.

Cost Of Hardwood Floor Refinishing.
There can be a very big range of pricing in the hardwood floor refinishing market. You have light refinishing or major refinishing (custom stain/bleaching/high end material/spot repairs/stairs/railings etc..) There is really no exact number you can rely as each situation is different. 

parquet hardwood floor refinishing and pricing

Parquet floors as seen in the picture above, is just one example of why your hardwood floor refinishing would cost more. This type of wood takes longer to sand than regular straight boards. Also, staining parquet floors take longer than regular straight board wood flooring. Does the parquet have damage, is loose, have gaps, and is evenly level? These are just some the things that go into pricing and time. 

Websites can never give out exact amounts for hardwood floor refinishing because there is none. You'll see such a huge range in wood floor pricing such as $3-$11 a square foot. But how can this help you? In the end, just be very clear to find out pricing with the wood floor refinishing company. Tell them if you are looking for a quick job without a lot of durability and the highest quality (or somewhere in between) or if you want the best service for your hardwood floors that is possible. 

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