Saturday, December 28, 2019

How Do I Need To Prepare My Home When Refinishing My Hardwood Floors?

All furniture should be removed from the room you plan where your having your hardwood floors refinished. This is because you will save a lot of money on not having to move the furniture back and forth. If you can't avoid furniture in the room when refinishing, there will be additional cost. 

The process of wood floor refinishing takes twice as long when you have belongings in the room. This is because you have to move everything to one side than to the other side and set up twice. Set up takes a long time with all the sanding machines and wiring. You can't move things around while you are refinishing your wood floors either because the machines are too big. The furniture will get damaged. You will be paying a big moving fee. 

If you are doing just a light sanding or refreshing the surface polyurethane, than your furniture can be in the room without a problem. As long as you have all the loose ends and the have the furniture emptied out (including electronics unplugged) the process will not have that much more time added to it.  This is because the machines are not that big and there is not as much drying time compared to when your fully sanding down the wood. You will be paying a moving fee, but not twice the price as you would with a full sanding. 

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