Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Do Black or Dark Stained Hardwood Floors Get Dirty Easier? Do They Show Dirt and Dust More?

Black floors don't show "dirt" more than any other color hardwood floors. They actually hide dirt or stains more because they are dark. The wood shows light dust but only after weeks of build up and mainly in front of window areas where the sunlight is directly shining on the floors. This is because light white dust against dark tones show up. But, this is only after a few weeks and its really not that obvious. A simple dust routine and cleaning (which should be done regardless) will take care of any dust problems. 

Sometimes there are problems with blemishes or the floors taking on footprints easily. This has to do with the polyurethane finish that is on the floors and not the actual color. Some sealers and finishes are more susceptible to these problems than others.
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