Sunday, December 15, 2019

How To Pick Out The Right Stain Color For Your Hardwood Floors?

When it comes to picking out the stain color for your hardwood floors, you have to take into consideration the exact wood species. Red Oak and White Oak for instant take in color totally different from each other. Also, exotic species have a specific way they can be stained. 

Often times, people just do an search online and find a color that is a engineered color made in a factor and tell their wood floor refinishers that they would like that color. Unfortunately, its not that easy. If your wood floors have red in it, that will influence the color. If your floors also have blond in it, that will influence that color.

Consult with a professional before you spend all your time looking up colors. He or she can evaluate your floors and then explain the exact colors your hardwood floors would look great with so you can start your floor color search from there. Wood can sometimes be manipulated through refinishing practices such as bleaching or pre-tone staining, but again it depends on the exact kind of wood species and the grade you have.
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