Thursday, December 19, 2019

Is It Easy To Sand And Refinish Hardwood Floors?

The answer is it is not recommended. It takes years of experience to learn how to control and use the sanding machines properly. The sanding equipment will definitely toss you around and you can risk injury and will not get a high quality result. The rental equipment provided by major outlets and small hardware stores are not high quality machines and there different than the ones the professionals use.

The machines the professionals use are heavier and more maintained. Overall, they sand a lot more even. Professionals also know how to control the machines. If you own your home, you don't want to leave gauges and marks all over your floors from rental sanders that are not used properly. You can also thin out the hardwood boards too much causing you to have to replace the entire floor which of course is extremely expensive. Also, remember staining or polyurethane finish application has to be applied with a certain technique. Bubbles, lines, and blemishes will most likely happen if your not extremely careful and don't know what your doing. Even junior wood floor refinishers with a years experience make these application mistakes. 

If you have a small room that your not too concerned about if it gets messed up, then sure go ahead and give it a try. Otherwise, hardwood floor refinishing is one area you would want to leave to the professionals.
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