Friday, December 13, 2019

Can I Bleach My Hardwood Floors?

Leave bleaching up to the professionals. When bleaching wood floors, it is always best to bleach twice to truly get a light and white look. Red oak is very hard to get out all of the pink completely, so use precaution. White oak has has very little pink tones if any and will bleach out the best. One does have to be care of the green tones in the boards as well when bleaching.

After two rounds of bleaching of the wood, its is best to use part b of the bleach solution provide by the manufacturer. Sometimes this is used twice to even out any discoloration. A vinegar wash is also used sometimes to stop the bleaching. All of this is provided on the label of your bleach bottles. 

Lastly, you have to wait 24 hrs to be safe everything is drey before applying your wood stain. Once, all is dry you can complete the refinishing process as normally done.

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