Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Do You Paint Before Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors? Or, Do You Refinish Your Wood Floors First?

This is always the big question for new home owners or customers looking to renovate a room in their home. Painters say they should go first and the hardwood floor refinishers say they should go first? So which is best?

Painting should come after the wood floor refinishing.  This is simply because the sanding process can create scuff marks along the baseboards from the machines going up against the baseboards. Taping the baseboards after freshly painted will not work either. The new paint can peel away when you take it off (even with light tape). Unless you the homeowner want to repaint the baseboards after the refinishing, the painter should come second. 

This should not be big deal because as you can imagine, people always paint rooms in their homes without refinishing their wood floors. So, painters know the proper precautions which is to simply just cover the floors with paper.

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