Monday, March 10, 2014

Apartment - Upper East Side, NYC, NY
Floor installation, NYC

This customer had their hardwood floor installed by a previous contractor. When installing hardwood flooring it is vital to follow the proper procedures. If any shortcuts are taken it will soon be obvious. This was the case with the wood floor in the photo. During installation not enough glue was used to adhere the boards to the sub-floor. Also, the quality of the glue was poor. The results of the mishandled installation are apparent in the photo. In a short period of time the floorboards began to detach themselves from the subfloor throughout the apartment.

Floor installation, NYC

Installation is an intricate process and should only be handled by professionals trained in the proper techniques. If the hardwood floor is installed incorrectly, a situation like the one in this photo is inevitable.

Floor installation, NY

The customer was very upset with what was happening to their wood flooring. Luckily, at Sandless Finish our Specialists are highly trained in the proper installation of hardwood floors!

Floor installation, NY

In order to restore this hardwood floor our Sandless Finish Specialists had to remove the entire section of improperly installed hardwood flooring. Our Specialists vast knowledge of hardwoods allowed them to identify the exact species of wood in this apartment. Once the floorboards were allowed to sit in the apartment for a period of time to acclimate to the environment our Specialists were ready to start the installation process!

Hardwood Floor Installation, NYC

Our Sandless Finish Specialists used a commercial grade glue to adhere the hardwood flooring to the sub-floor. During installation it is of the utmost importance to maintain a clean environment and to insure that the boards are aligned properly.

Hardwood Floor Installation, NYC

The results of our Sandless Finish Specialist's calculated work can be seen in the photo. The hardwood floor is now properly installed with the correct adhesive. Proper alignment was maintained throughout the process in order to keep the floor straight throughout the room and eliminate any gaps.

Hardwood Floor Installation, NY

The results of our Sandless Finish Specialist's work is a beautiful hardwood floor that is firmly attached to the sub-floor. Our customer was very excited about their new hardwood floors and was very thankful to our Specialists for fixing their problem. With the proper maintenance these floors will retain their beauty for many years to come!

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