Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Apartment - Midtown West, NYC, NY
Painting, NYC

This customer was moving into a new apartment and wanted to have it painted. The apartment was a beautiful space but the walls were lackluster to say the least. It had not been painted in years - the walls were dirty and cracks were visible throughout the space. At Sandless Finish our Specialists are experts at the painting process.

Painting, NYC

Preparation before painting is of the utmost importance. Firstly, any greases or soils must be removed from the wall to create a sanitized surface. Cracks can not just be painted over or filled in with paint as a shortcut or they will reappear over time. Any imperfections in the surface must be filled with spackle and sanded smoothly in order to create a seamless, smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. Also, proper coverage of the floor and any other surfaces where paint is not desired is crucial.

Painting, NYC

This photo gives a detailed example of the less-than-ideal condition of these walls. Oils and dirt that had built up over the years is apparent and there is a prominent crack running down the length of the wall.
Painting, NY

Our Sandless Finish Specialists completely sanitized this customer's walls. After all of the cracks were filled in and sanded to create a smooth, consistent surface, multiple layers of a high quality paint were applied.

Painting, NY

The results of a freshly painted apartment can be seen in this photo. The apartment now has a bright, clean look that really opens up the space. The customer can now make the apartment their own with beautifully smooth walls as a starting point!

Painting, NY

This photo shows the great care that our Sandless Finish Specialists took when painting the apartment. The cracks and soils that were on this wall were eliminated using the proper techniques. The wall now has a consistently smooth surface and vibrant color that really enhances the look and feel of the apartment. The customer was very excited about their newly repainted apartment and could not wait to move in!

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