Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Residential Home - Eastchester, NY
Wood floor sanding, NYC
This customer wanted the hardwood floor in their den refinished. The wood floor had scratches throughout it's surface and machine marks from when the floor was sanded years ago. Additionally, the customer wanted to change the color of the hardwood floor to a lighter, more natural color. In some cases our Sandless Finish Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists recommend sanding a wood floor - luckily our Deep Sanding Process was just what the customer needed!

Wood floor sanding, NYC
Our Sandless Finish Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists performed a deep sanding on the wood floor to eliminate any scratches or scarring left behind by the previous contractors. All layers of damaged wood were removed to reveal the healthy wood beneath. Our specialists then created a custom stain in accordance with the customer's taste to give the hardwood floor the beautiful, vibrant color you see here. Multiple layers of a high quality, commercial grade polyurethane were then applied to ensure that the wood floor would be protected for many years to come. The customer was really excited about their new floors!
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