Friday, December 27, 2013

Apartment - Jersey City, NJ
Hardwood Floor Restoration NYC

This customer was moving into a new apartment where the previous renter had not cared for their hardwood floors. Dirt and grime was allowed to penetrate the wood floors over time. This broke down the polyurethane and caused the discoloration and dullness seen in this picture. The customer wanted their floor restored while maintaining the rustic feel and character of the original floors. This was a perfect situation for our Sandless Finish Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process!
Hardwood Floor Restoration NYC
Our Sandless Finish Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists removed all of the dirt and debris from the hardwood floors. The floor was then sanitized and multiple layers of a high quality, commercial grade polyurethane were applied. The wood floor's rustic character was maintained and a consistent color and vibrant shine was achieved throughout the room. The customer was very excited about the success of our eco-friendly process and could not wait to move into their new apartment!
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