Thursday, June 6, 2013

Apartment - Upper East Side, NY, NY

Sandless Parquet Refinishing, NY

This client's hardwood floor shows what can happen over time with the misuse of cleaning products. Many common products sold to benefit hardwood floors actually cause destruction to them over time. In this situation, a sticky buildup of oils and cleaning solutions captured dirt and grime over the years. This caused the hardwood floors to have the dark and lusterless appearance as seen in this picture.

Before/After Comparison:
Sandless Parquet Refinishing, NY

This photo shows the effectiveness of the Sandless Finish process. The panel on the left shows the original condition of the floor. The middle panel shows the floor after the Sandless Finish deep cleaning process - the dirt and grime is removed to reveal the healthy wood beneath. Finally, the right panel shows the floor after a commercial grade polyurethane was applied. The original color and dynamics of the floor were restored and it now has a beautiful shine as well!

Sandless Parquet Refinishing, NY

A complete view of the customer's newly restored hardwood flooring. Needless to say, she was very excited with the results!

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