Friday, December 7, 2012

Residential Home: Queens, NY

Before/After Picture: Comparison

Hardwood Floor Refinishing with No Dust

This customer has a beautiful home in Queens. However, after years of traffic from pets and children, the floors were looking lackluster to say the least.

The bottom half of this picture is what the floor looked like before Sandless Finish came in - it is noticeably grey and lifeless. This is due to deteriorating polyurethane and embedded dirt and grime in the floor.

You can see the huge difference the Sandless Finish process makes in the upper half of the photo. The color is returned to the floor and with a commercial grade polyurethane there is no need to worry about it deteriorating! With proper maintenance (found here: ) this floor will maintain it's vitality for years to come!

After Picture

Hardwood Floor Refinishing with No Dust

Now the floors add a new level of warmth and comfort to the family's beautiful home.

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