Saturday, February 8, 2020

How Do I Know When It Is Time To Refinish My Hardwood Floors?

1.If Your Hardwood Floor's Have Grey Areas 

This is a sign that the floors protection is worn. The protection is made up of sealer, polyurethane, and stain. Unfortunately, if you see grey areas the floors can not be just cleaned but refinished. 

2. If You See Scuff Marks Or Scratches 

If you see scuff marks or scratches that do not come out with just soap, water, and a non scratching sponge that means the floors protection is damaged. The only way to fix this is through a hardwood floor refinishing. 

3. If The Color Is Faded

If the color is faded that means that means the polyurethane and the stain has broken down. That means it is time to refinish your wood floors.

4. If The Wood Floors Are Dull

If the wood floors are dull they can not just be cleaned. Never use polish or waxes on your floors as they will damage the hardwood floors. A refinishing is needed. 

What To Do Next

Call a hardwood floor refinishing professional such as Wood Vitalize to give you advise. Your wood floors will need a refinishing either by a full sanding, screening, deep cleaning, restoration, sandless, and dustless hardwood floor refinishing.

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