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Apartment - Midtown East, NYC, NY
This customer was moving into a new apartment and wanted to have their herringbone hardwood floors refinished and stained. In some situations our Sandless Finish Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists recommend sanding. This was the case for this customer since the wood floors were inadequately sanded and refinished in the past. This left scarring from sanding machines and deeply embedded damage in the hardwood floors

Another view of the Living Room shows scratches and discoloration throughout the wood floor.

This view of the entryway highlights the damage apparent on the hardwood floors. A low-grade polyurethane was used on the floor in the past which left the wood floors susceptible to damage. The polyurethane had dissolved in areas and the previous tenants had scratched the floor as well. This left areas exposed to dirt and debris which was embedded deep into the floorboards.

This section of the hallway's wood floor had severe discoloration due to soils embedding themselves into the floor. This should not occur on a hardwood floor that is properly refinished and maintained.
The bedroom displayed the same damage as the rest of the hardwood flooring with even more discoloration apparent throughout the room.

This close-up of an area in the bedroom emphasizes the severity of scratching and discoloration present throughout the apartment's hardwood flooring. In order to restore the wood floors to their original, healthy state our Sandless Finish Deep Sanding Process was required.

Our Sandless Finish Deep Sanding Process minimizes the production of dust with the use of special machinery. The sanding is done in multiple passes of different grades of sandpaper which range from a very rough grit to an extremely smooth grit. This effectively removes all of the damaged layers of wood and provides a healthy surface to which stain can be applied.

Our Sandless Finish Color Specialists worked with the customer to create a custom stain. Once our Sandless Finish Deep Sanding Process was performed the floor was ready to be stained. The custom stain was applied by our specialists and multiple layers of a high quality, commercial grade polyurethane were applied. This last step is very important in order to ensure the highest level of protection is provided for our customers. Now the wood floors have a beautiful, warm grey color which gives the apartment a very unique and wonderful look!
As you can see, all of the damage was removed from the entryway's hardwood flooring as well. This allowed our Sandless Finish Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists to restore the hallway to the beautiful condition you see here!

Our Deep Sanding and Custom Staining processes were successful in the rest of the hallway as well!
The bedroom's hardwood floors, which had more damage than the rest of the apartment, now have a beautiful color and a consistent shine.

This area in the bedroom highlighted the extent of damage done to the hardwood floors. The success of our Sandless Finish Deep Sanding and Custom Staining Processes is exemplified by the wonderful color and finish seen in the photo. The customer was very excited by their newly restored hardwood floors and could not wait to move in!
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