Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apartment - Upper East Side - NYC

Bedroom With Carpet - Before:
Carpet Removal, NYC

The customer had wall-to-wall carpeting that was old and worn. They wanted to remove the carpet to reveal the hardwood flooring beneath. This was a perfect job for our Sandless Finish Specialists!

Carpet Removal, NYC

This picture shows the bedroom with the carpet removed. All the nails, staples and tack-boards holding down the carpet were carefully removed by our specialists, exposing the parquet floor beneath. As you can see, the wood was embedded with dirt and debris that had accumulated over the years. This resulted in the wood losing it's luster and a breakdown of polyurethane in places.

Master Bedroom - Before:
Carpet Removal, NYC

After carpet removal, the master bedroom can be seen to have the same issues as the other room. The wood is dull and the polyurethane is worn down.

Study - Before:
Carpet Removal, NYC

After carpet removal, the study displays the same problems as in previous rooms.

Hallway - Before:
Carpet Removal, NYC

The carpeting in the hallway was removed to expose the hardwood flooring beneath. Again, the dullness and grime in the floor can be seen in the picture.

Bedroom - After:
Carpet Removal, NYC

Using a series of compounds and special equipment, our Sandless Finish specialists were able to extract the dirt and grime from the floor. A new layer of high-grade polyurethane was then applied. The floors' original color and vibrancy has returned and the shine from our semi-gloss polyurethane is the perfect thing to showcase these beautiful floors. All of this was done in half the time and at half the price of traditional sanding! Needless to say, the customer is very happy with her new floors!

Master Bedroom - After:
Carpet Removal, NYC

After our Sandless Finish process the master bedroom is not only looking great but will be protected for many years to come!

Study - After:
Carpet Removal, NYC

The Sandless Finish process brought back the color and shine of the hardwood floors in the study, returning a sense of warmth and comfort to the room!

Hallway - After:
Carpet Removal, NYC

The hallway was refinished in the same manner as the rest of the rooms and now connects them seamlessly. Another successful Sandless Finish job and another very satisfied customer!

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